Politically correct dictionary

We’re all familiar with illegal aliens being undocumented immigrants, used cars are known as pre-driven cars and housewives now being domesticated engineers. We’re already familiar with these and many others but here’s a few others one should really consider…

For example, if an illegal alien is an undocumented immigrant, shouldn’t an illegal drug dealer be an undocumented pharmacist? Hmmmmm.

Lies should now be considered “alternative facts.”

And lying should be just being economical with the truth.

Insanity is now being reality challenged.

Dishonesty is simply to be ethically disoriented.

A criminal is not really a criminal. He or she is actually behaviorally or rules challenged.

Husband and/or wives are now just called Partners.

Robbery is wealth redistribution.

Shoplifting is too harsh a word today. Let’s use a time of irregular or unauthorized shopping.

Murder brings such negative connotations. How about unauthorized termination of life. Sounds so much nicer.

Ever come across someone that doesn’t smell very well. That person now is simply nasally disturbing. I’ve been here a few times…..too many!!!

And no one, absolutely no one should ever fail or be a failure. That person now is involved in a non-traditional form of success.

There should no longer be something called a ghetto. Rather it’s just an economically deprived area.

Don’t have a job, so technically your ‘re unemployed. No no no………You are in a non-waged position or unintentionally at leisure.

A poor person is only economically challenged.

And vomiting or puking is simply out of the question anymore. You are now having an unplanned re-examination of your recent food choices. Sounds so professional, doesn’t it?

Gaining some weight over the holidays? Never see yourself as fat You are now a metabolic over-achiever. Hah…….didn’t you always want to over-achieve at something???

The list can continue I suppose but this will get you a head-start on everyone else.

Remember this year to say Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings, because Christmas is no longer Christmas to the politically correct person. Christmas is the annual Winter Festival.

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