10 absurds from PC culture

We live in a world of political correctness gone MAD. But even though there’s a lot to complain about, there is also a LOT to laugh about too. These are 10 things stupidly banned for […]

The moralistic PC culture

With the rise in social media, the concerns and entitlement wrapped around our “political correctness” has taken over our moral standards. More and more people are now speaking up on how certain jokes and people […]

Politically correct dictionary

We’re all familiar with illegal aliens being undocumented immigrants, used cars are known as pre-driven cars and housewives now being domesticated engineers. We’re already familiar with these and many others but here’s a few others […]

The ‘political correctness’ bogeyman

Pick up a copy of last Saturday’s Weekend Australian (actually, don’t, you’ll regret it) and you’ll see Kate Hanley Corley on the front cover making a wide-eyed “shush” motion. Who is being shushed? Kate. Because […]