The moralistic PC culture

With the rise in social media, the concerns and entitlement wrapped around our “political correctness” has taken over our moral standards.

More and more people are now speaking up on how certain jokes and people are hurting the feelings of others and accessibility of social media has fueled the movement even further.

Younger people are fighting against the “old white men” who don’t agree with their thoughts on progressive movements to the point of being overt aggressors themselves.

The way to fix this would be to stop focusing on being inclusive and having a bunch of little groups, and have one big group instead in which we can all come together again.

Political correctness is a term used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid lending offense to members of particular groups in society.

PC culture started back in the 70’s with it being used to describe people who took something out of context and took it as offense rather than a joke or constructive criticism. With the”‘left” and “right” being crammed down our throats, it’s hard to decide what is right and what is wrong.

With the liberal mindset of pushing this agenda on the rest of the country, it has spilled into our classrooms and public places. This would be fine, however it’s gotten to the point that where one must watch every single word to make sure no-one gets ‘offended’, because the smallest slip could lead to social and physical backlash.

The media has also added to the problem by using the argument of left is better than the right. People are tuning into both news outlets to see what they are saying and using social media to attack those who are not joining the movement of a new form of ‘moral’ speech.

PC culture has also started other new movements and theories which has affected everyone’s ability to express themselves and use the 1st amendment how it should. With more people looking for ways to silence voices, other movements, like call-out culture, micro-aggression theory, trigger warnings, and Xenocentrism.

It has made “canceling” people an overemphasized problem that shouldn’t be happening. It seems that especially the extreme left is trying to make it exclusivity a one-way street. The extremists use this call-out tactic to make it feel wrong to speak your mind and putting down the credibility of one’s knowledge just because they don’t follow their view to the exact point.

At liberal arts colleges, it has made this culture a normal everyday thing. Watching what you have to say as a professor and student have limited the topics and knowledge one can learn in the classroom.

The ‘snowflake’ generation has supposedly taken over which has halted most free speech on this issue. Students at these liberal arts schools have a tainted education on life and reality by being far too critical on topics of gender, sex, and identity.

In reality, it shouldn’t matter what skin color you have, what hair you have, what sex you are. But this judgment is being clouded with the extreme left and right political views.

Williams College is also going through changes with their student body and the classes that will be offered there stem from this new PC culture.

In an article posted by Forbes, Williams has had a new boycott from students of “all English classes that do not take seriously the matter of race—that is, those classes which do not include more than a token discussion of race and more than a token number of writers of color.”

The demand for more awareness of gender and race is also stopping professors from teaching their field and undermining the student experience for all. This also eliminates the possibility of students exploring different topics and in some cases being shot down for not making gender, and sex the main priorities on their list.

PC culture shouldn’t be as big as a problem that is has become. It seems that we are trying to not hurt each other’s feelings and asking sure we aren’t offended when in some states people are still killing each other every day over meaningless things.

We have bigger issues we should be focused on which could be our judicial system, systematic racism, or even climate change. The ‘snowflake’ has also made it a focus putting down the privileged in America using words like bigot to bring down their reputation just because of their civilian status.

This PC culture has put a burden on those who want to express their free speech to the most. The distinction between left and right need to be suppressed and not have an emphasis on people’s moral values.

We see a person in power, use call-out terms and words to bring them down for the slightest mishap, and the extremists thinks it’s okay, even when certain allegations end up false. This is nasty politics being intermixed with regular working lives.

With social media it’s even easier to voice your own opinion which leads to more scrutiny. A person can make the smallest mistake, say something “rude” or “bigoted” ten years ago, and still have it be used against them a decade later to make them looked at as a horrible person.

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