Aktivismus některých feministek dnes spíš odrazuje, ale nebylo tomu tak vždy…

Anna Honzáková, první česká lékařka, která působila v Čechách V době, kdy se začala navštěvovat první dívčí gymnázium, bylo další univerzitní studium ženám zakázáno zákonem. Přesto vystudovala medicínu. Musela překonat posměšky mužských kolegů, kteří jí nazývali slečinkou a posílali zpět k plotně.  Nikdy se nevdala a neměla děti. Jako lékařka – gynekoložka byla znamenitá a nejen její […]

10 absurds from PC culture

We live in a world of political correctness gone MAD. But even though there’s a lot to complain about, there is also a LOT to laugh about too. These are 10 things stupidly banned for being ‘Politically Incorrect’.

The moralistic PC culture

With the rise in social media, the concerns and entitlement wrapped around our “political correctness” has taken over our moral standards. More and more people are now speaking up on how certain jokes and people are hurting the feelings of others and accessibility of social media has fueled the movement even further. Younger people are […]

Politically correct dictionary

We’re all familiar with illegal aliens being undocumented immigrants, used cars are known as pre-driven cars and housewives now being domesticated engineers. We’re already familiar with these and many others but here’s a few others one should really consider… For example, if an illegal alien is an undocumented immigrant, shouldn’t an illegal drug dealer be […]

The ‘political correctness’ bogeyman

Pick up a copy of last Saturday’s Weekend Australian (actually, don’t, you’ll regret it) and you’ll see Kate Hanley Corley on the front cover making a wide-eyed “shush” motion. Who is being shushed? Kate. Because she’s a comedian. And political correctness has gone mad. Because of hysterical PC tyrants like me who cancel everything. She […]

Dartmouth brewery criticized for the way it markets ‘Dirty Blonde’ beer

The marketing of a beer called Dirty Blonde has sparked a controversy in Nova Scotia’s craft beer industry — and beyond. Since Nine Locks Brewing launched its Dirty Blonde beer two years ago, its marketing has included several slogans, including “Everybody loves a dirty blonde from Dartmouth.” Recently that language created a storm of reaction […]

This comedian has the most hilarious response to climate change hysteria

The average person’s most mundane decisions have been overcome by climate change hysteria. You don’t always recycle? You’re terrible. You like to eat meat? You’re killing the planet. You hope to have children someday? The anti-climate change devotees will come for you. When seminary students are confessing their climate sins to plants, it’s safe to […]

Buttigieg bends to pressure, says sorry for supposedly racist comments

Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg has bent a knee to the forces of social justice, issuing a mealy-mouthed apology for supposedly racist statements he made eight years ago. “What I said in that comment before I became mayor does not reflect the totality of my understanding then and certainly now about the obstacles that students of […]

Halloween costumes banned and Remembrance Day traditions deemed offensive

I must have missed something along the way in my understanding of the meaning of what I thought were established liberal values, stretching back principally to the western Enlightenment, extending into the great civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s and now, or so I thought, properly representative of our society’s legal and moral […]

How Does Humour Work in Our Politically Correct Times?

Whether a joke was funny or offensive depends more on the joke teller than ever before. In September, before the start of its 45th season, “Saturday Night Live” brought on some new cast members. The decision to hire one of them, Shane Gillis, was roundly criticized after disparaging jokes he’d made at the expense of […]

Australian TV host is tired of political correctness

Former Liberal staffer Peta Credlin has warned that the “talons” of political correctness have made it “almost impossible to have an honest discussion” about Islamic fundamentalism, climate change, race and identity in Australia. The TV presenter sounded the alarm at the launch of academic Kevin Donnelly’s book A Politically Correct Dictionary and Guide at the […]

In ‘Thanksgiving Play,’ Native American Playwright Larissa FastHorse Tackles ‘Wokeness’

Native American playwright Larissa FastHorse’s hit satirical comedy “Thanksgiving Play” takes on wokeness and displays how humor can fuel change by sparking productive dialogue around race and equity. “Thanksgiving Play” is about four white adults struggling to devise a politically correct elementary school production of the first Thanksgiving for Native American Heritage Month. The director […]

Politically correct world’s new professions

In the olden days, our economy was dominated by the production of goods and services. People worked to provide things that were useful to other people. Workers with practical skills were in high demand, managers with administrative experience were well-paid and entrepreneurs were highly rewarded. If you wanted to get on in life, you learned […]

Toghen up, you don’t have the right to be offended

In today’s world, we are increasingly pressured to censor and restrict what we say in order to avoid causing offence by voicing opinions that might be construed as “hate speech” or “intolerant.”  However, hearing opinions that differ from the mainstream, whether they’re offensive or not, is necessary in order to spark debate and open discussion, […]

When Microsoft failed to be politically correct

In March 2016, Microsoft was preparing to release its new chatbot, Tay, on Twitter. Described as an experiment in “conversational understanding,” Tay was designed to engage people in dialogue through tweets or direct messages, while emulating the style and slang of a teenage girl. She was, according to her creators, “Microsoft’s A.I. fam from the […]


In this era of permanent information avalanche through social media, this site intends to be concise. It will not be a panorama of everything that is happening, for while other publications try to present a salad of all that is going on, we want to offer a homogeneous focus on one aspect of the news, […]

Festival of Politically Incorrect Jokes

This pout-pourri from the Naked Gun series shows how the world has changed because of the political correctness hysteria: none of the lines said by the Lieutenant played by Leslie Nielsen could be said nowadays.